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Are you looking for advice on something that’s not featured on our website? Have no fear, we’re here with our feedback form so you can send us absolutely any request you may have! Being a website that deals a lot with people looking for jobs, we need to have a clear method of dialogue between us and the people looking for information.

Now we have! Maybe you’re looking for info on how to score a promotion, or maybe you just want to know whether you’d like to enter a specific corner of the job market. No matter whether you’re deciding on your major or on a new job, you can send all of your requests to and we promise to look over it. Now only that but we take great care in analyzing your request and fine tuning our response with the specifics involved so that you will always get only the necessary info and extra unnecessary details.

Still, our email is not the only way by which you can contact us. If you think you may have some extra insight about a specific article, feel free to leave a comment. Likewise, if you’d like to make an inquiry about the subject of a job description, don’t be afraid to start a discussion and have your say about whatever you may need to know. We are set to provide you with all the answers and are always ready to reply to even the most complex inquiries.

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