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Do you like what you see on JobDescriptionsWIKI.com? Remember that all the articles and job descriptions that we post are made in good faith in order to help you be better prepared. The full extent of our goal is to offer a place where fresh entries on the job market can find what their occupation generally expects of them. That being said, we also like to provide a good resource for those looking for a career change. Simply put, we like to look at the job market as a whole and dig out the best jobs and the most common of occupations and give our readers full guides to what they actually imply, beyond the eye-catching descriptions that employers usually put in their job descriptions. Another advantage of Job Descriptions WIKI would be that we don’t limit ourselves to the US, but choose to also  talk about the job outlooks in the UK and in Canada, providing a happy hunting ground for discussion on the subject of wage, job responsibilities, job outlook, and what job areas pay the best in each specific country. Still, we should not be considered a foolproof authority on the subject. While we’re passionate about the subject, not all of us are trained sociologists.

That’s where the need for a disclaimer arises: we have no definitive method to account for the facts in our article. While the data presented here is fully researched and made up with data from the official governmental labor statistics for each country in part, we cannot fully guarantee the validity of what they present. We are thus not to be held liable for the problems that might come up when you follow the steps on these guides and job descriptions to the letter. When you start on your new job, you need to fine tune the advice we give here and apply it to your specific case, using what you deem useful and discarding what seems to be totally different. Remember that most jobs offer on-the-spot training and your employer will not appreciate you trusting us over them. Try to be cool and keep an open mind.

Another thing that we should mention now, before everything else, is that we use Google Ads on this website in order to earn some compensation for our hard work. That doesn’t, of course, in any way compromise our objectivity and we strive to keep everything as helpful as possible. Remember that ads help us help you, so we strongly advise against using an ad-blocking software and allowing our ads to run on your browser.

Have any more questions? We would also like to redirect our users towards our Terms of Use and towards our Privacy Policy page. Over on those pages, we explain how Job Descriptions WIKI functions, how we stand on privacy and on copyright laws. Remember that any other questions you may have can be sent to info@JobDescriptionsWiki.com. Leave us a few words and we will try to answer as best we can!

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