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Event Planner Job Description, Qualifications, and Career Outlook

The event planner job description involves an array of skills and required abilities for a successful career in the field. The event planner, also known as event coordinator, has many responsibilities that go beyond simple event planning duties, and into the area of research, marketing, and logistics.

If you are interested in the event planner job description and wish to start a career in this field, you should know that the duties of an event planner involve a great deal of office work that people don’t usually know about.

Event Planner Job Description Overview

Even if you want to learn about corporate event planner job description or party planner job description, you should know that the overview is similar to both jobs. Your main duty as an event planner will be to organize the event which can be a wedding, a party, reception, business meeting, convention or even exhibitions or trade shows.

The event planner job description involves some other duties apart from those we all think about when we imagine the event planning job description. For example, event planners have to keep constant contact with their clients before, during and after the event, they also have to conduct research and even negotiate contracts and take care of a variety of logistic issues.

If you are tempted to start a career as an event planner, you should have a Bachelor’s Degree, and  some previous experience in a related field. Employers usually prefer to hire candidates who have worked in hospitality management, so this would be a great starting point.

Event planner job description

If you want to know about the event planner job description and salary figures, here are the latest numbers. According to the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2015 median pay for an event planner is $46,840 per year, approximatively $23 per hour.

Event Planner Job Description Responsibilities

The event planner job description includes a variety of responsibilities, adapted to the specific of the event organized. There are differently specialized event planners according to the type of party they coordinate; they can be meeting, convention or party planners.

Here is a list of responsibilities that all categories share and that can be found in the job description for event planner regardless of field.

  • Plan, create and produce various events and manage all the delivery elements on deadline.
  • Discuss with clients to find out what their expectations are and how to meet them.
  • Research the market and negotiate contracts with providers and other partners.
  • Offer constant feedback to clients.
  • Come up with original, imaginative ideas for the event and implement them.
  • Organize locations, setting, the list of attendees, and particular requirements about logistic issues.
  • Coordinate staff, and keep in contact with the PR and marketing departments to promote the event if need be.
  • Stay proactive and find solutions to any emergency issues that might arise on the day of the event.
  • Conduct research before and after the event and provide activity reports to the clients.

Event Planner Requirements

To become a skilled event planner, you will need a bachelor’s degree, but more than this academic qualification, employers look for extensive experience in the field of planning. Events planner job description focuses on previous experience on the field, as this job requires you to act fast and quickly find solutions to unexpected problems.

These are the main professional requirements for everyone who wishes to embark on a career as an event planner.

  • Computer skills
  • Organizing skills
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure
  • Capacity to meet tight deadlines
  • Creativity when looking for solutions
  • Negotiation skills

Apart from the formal requirements, there is another set of required informal traits included in the event planner job description. Look at the most important traits an event coordinator should have and see if you qualify for the job.

  • Resilience
  • People skills
  • Imagination
  • Interior strength
  • Stress resistance
  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to compromise.

A perfect mix is a combination of formal and informal skills, which makes for a great event planner. The most successful event organizers are those who are can handle stress and problems, are quick on their feet, can easily come up with imaginative solutions and never take no for an answer.

Event Coordinator Qualifications and Training

The main required qualifications you will find when you look at the job description of an event planner are related to communication, management, interpersonal skills and personal work ethic. A great event planner should have some if not all, the following qualifications.

  • Impeccable communication skills, both written and spoken
  • Multi-tasking management for projects and assignments
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Excellent work ethic and respect for others
  • Ability to work with very tight deadlines

The required basic training includes:

  • Bachelor’s degree or significant work instead of the degree.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience with administrative management
  • At least 1 year of coordinating and managing special events

Event Planner Job Description Working Hours

As expected, the event planner job description can include hectic working hours depending on the project you are working on. Event planners are often expected to be available mostly all of the time, especially as the event date gets closer and closer.

If you are not a fan of unexpected calls, midnight discussions with clients or urgent issues to attend to, then you probably are not the right candidate for this job

Career Prospects

Event management is a highly competitive field, and your promotion depends on various factors such as the organization you work for, your previous accomplishments and your ability to implement theoretical knowledge and use it to solve practical problems.

There is no one certain, clearly determined path, and your ascending the career ladder depends on the type of organization you work for. Generally, promotions may move you from assistant to team leader, starting to manage an increasingly big team.

Once you gain experience, you will become responsible for large events which are more difficult to manage and have bigger figures when it comes to attendees and budgets.


Being an event manager seems like a dream job for most people who dream about endless parties and meetings with celebrities and other A-listers. In reality, the event manager job description includes plenty of responsibilities and high-stress factors, so this is a profession for highly organized and responsible people.

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