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Graphic Designer Job Description, Qualifications, and Outlook

The graphic designer job description implies tasks of creating meaningful or inspiring visual concepts, either by hand or by using specialized computer programs. The designs have to inspire, captivate, and inform any potential viewers. Depending on their ranking, graphic designers could also very well be in charge of marketing.

Of course, there are multiple types of graphic designers, each with their very own somewhat modified job description. However, whether we are talking about the junior video game designer job description, the senior digital motion marketing specialist job description or the computer and web graphic designer job description, they all pretty much involve the same responsibilities.

Job Overview: What Does a Graphic Designer Professional Do?

While a great number of people with either the junior or the senior graphic designer job description work in either PR, publishing, advertising, specialized design services, or other similar industry, the year 2014 reported one in five graphic designers were self-employed or freelancing.

Of course, the graphic designer job description often varies depending on the position occupied by each candidate, as well as by the needs of the employer and customers. However, other than some additional duties, the base responsibilities remain the same whether an employee is a company senior or if they have the graphic design intern job description.

graphic designer job description

Graphic Designer Job Duties

The main responsibilities of most people with the graphic designer job description are as follows:

  • Gathering and studying the necessary materials and information.
  • Planning concepts and designing rough layouts and concept art.
  • Illustrating concept art.
  • Periodically submitting in-progress images for approval and requesting and receiving feedback.
  • Operating printing, typesetting, and other similar equipment.
  • Marking and preparing finished art and copy.
  • Preparing the final project layout.
  • Maintaining a level of technical knowledge and ensuring the continuous functioning of equipment.
  • Completing each piece of relevant equipment’s maintenance requirements.
  • Performing the occasional inventory and handling equipment malfunctions.
  • Coordinating with other agencies and businesses.
  • Getting involved with design workshops and professional societies and publications.

Graphic Designer Job Essential Skills

Organizational skills. This professional must prove very organized in order to fulfill all the duties in a timely manner. Also, very important is the ability to work under great amounts of stress, and the ability to face deadlines. Good multitasking skills will help a great deal with all of the above.

Management skills. Great time management abilities are necessary for this job, also good leadership skills and great project manager capabilities. As well as the ability to be a team player which is very important when working with others.

Artistic skills. The graphic designer job description involves a set of analytical skills and huge talent and artistic ability. High levels of creativity are also mandatory for the job. As well as the capability to incorporate one’s own style into the design. The job requires some moderate knowledge of color theory and good computer skills also.

Communications skills. Very good communication skills are necessary in order to handle different situation regarding clients, colleagues or superiors. Also useful is some media and marketing knowledge. This professional has to show a great deal of patience when working with others. As well as a level of objectivity in order to finalize the projects.

Becoming a Graphic Designer Professional

Anyone hoping for a job in this field usually has to possess a number of skills, traits, and abilities without which the job would be impossible to carry out. Most often, the job also requires a bachelor’s degree and some certifications. Although anyone with the freelance graphic designer job description can more or less skip some of those steps at the expense of risking a lower hiring rate.

As it happens with most careers in art, any aspiring graphic designer needs a number of particular skills and abilities, as mentioned. Also, certain personal qualities, without which they cannot really succeed in the field. Some of these are skills sets which one can learn, while others are personal, innate qualities.

Qualifications and Training

Generally, graphic designers require a bachelor’s degree in either graphic design or in a related field. Still, if you have a different bachelor’s degree, you can still pursue some form of graphic design technical training so as to meet the necessary hiring qualifications.

There are somewhere around 300 different universities, postsecondary colleges, and independent institutions that are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Any of these can provide you with the necessary qualifications to get a job in a position with the graphic designer job description.

Other than the necessary educational experience, there is a number of certification programs which are available via different product vendors. These competencies provide anyone aspiring for any graphic designer job descriptions with more chances of actually getting a job in a respectable company.

Work Experience

Perhaps the most important part of a graphic designer’s work experience is their portfolio. Therefore, in some cases, a portfolio can be more important than actual work experience. An impressive portfolio could very well be the factor that helps any aspiring employee get the graphic designer job.

It is very important for a graphic designer to keep their portfolio tidy, relevant, and most importantly, up to date. A good portfolio is usually the determining factor which can grant on a job, a project, or a totally new customer. One must always be ready to show off their work and willing to create more content for their portfolio.

Working Hours

Graphic designers generally work 37 hours a week, with some flexibility around start and finish time, from Monday to Friday. Extra hours are common when they need to meet deadlines.

There is also the possibility of part-time work, however, many graphic designers work as freelancers after some experience in the field. The work implies sitting and working at a computer in an open-plan design studio. There also may be some travel to meet clients.

Job Outlook & Advancement Opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who wrote a very easy to understand graphic designer job description sample, the rate of employment for the occupation in estimated to grow 1% by 2024. Also, they reported in 2016 that the median salary for people with the graphics designer job description was around $47,640 per year and $22.90 per hour. Meanwhile, according to Payscale, in March 2017 the median yearly salary for the job was around $41,764. There is an estimated salary growth of around $13,000 over more than 20 years of experience. So, most graphic designers usually move on before reaching 20 years in the occupation.

This is far slower than the average for all occupations in the United States and it is due to several factors. The most important factors are how more and more people prefer designing their own graphics and logos after an example rather than paying somebody for it. As well as because of the increase in the population segment that decides that graphic design is what they want to do for a living.


Having a highly stressful, competitive, and tasking profession, anyone with the graphic designer job description will most likely face the possibility of changing industries at least once during their career. However, history shows you can be forever remembered in the field with enough talent, dedication, and conviction. If you are interested in this field, you can also read about the web developer job description.

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