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Pediatrician Job Description, Qualifications, and Outlook

The job of a pediatrician is probably one of the most rewarding jobs out there, which is why a lot of people who are thinking about embracing a doctor career are interested in the pediatrician job description. Pediatricians are highly specialized doctors who deal with and treat children. They share responsibilities with general doctors but have different specific requirements adapted to the needs of their little patients.

Moreover, the job description of a pediatrician includes a variety of responsibilities from admitting to examining and assigning treatment to children. Depending on the specifics of each case, pediatricians may need to draw blood, perform regular check-ups and evaluate the efficiency of the treatment they recommend.

Job Overview: What Does a Pediatrician Professional Do?

The pediatrician job description overview includes a variety of different tasks to attend to throughout the working day. A pediatrician gets in contact with all kinds of cases from simple scratches to serious, life-threatening diseases that affect babies and children. Pediatricians, unlike regular doctors, are required to have a series of interpersonal skills and great intuition to be able to handle children and cater to their needs.

Pediatrician job description

Pediatrician Job Duties

The job description of pediatrician doctors includes aspects of all the necessary stages of helping ill young patients. This ranges from investigations all the way to establishing diagnoses and recommending treatment. Therefore, people wanting to follow a pediatrician career should look into these main pediatrician duties. Here is a list of the most important responsibilities a pediatrician has to fulfill in his or her daily activity.

  • Examining young patients and ordering tests accordingly.
  • Performing tests such as X-rays, blood sampling or other matter tests.
  • Interpreting results and determining the right diagnosis.
  • Recommending treatment adapted to the age and the development of the patient.
  • Performing regular check-ups in order to assess the growth and evolution of the child.
  • Collecting and interpreting patient information related to his or her medical history.
  • Offering advice to parents and patients related to diets and hygiene in order to prevent diseases.
  • Monitoring patients’ health and referring him or her to a specialist if necessary.

Pediatrician Job Essential Skills

Stress endurance.  This professional has to have a high resistance to stress, and moreover, the ability to work under pressure. He must also be willing to work late hours.

Knowledgeable. The pediatrician job description requires a deep understanding of children development and psychology. As well as an extensive knowledge of innovations and discoveries in the field, to be able to do the job properly.

Interpersonal skills. The pediatrician has to have great communication skills in order to be able to get the information on what ails his little patients. He needs to be able to advise on what should happen next, in a way that the child can understand. Also, he has to be able to establish a relationship of cooperation with the child.

Empathy. The professional with the pediatrician job description must have a gentle approach when working with children, to inspire confidence, hope, and optimism. Also, having patience with the children and the parents is also important. He needs to understand children’s needs and cater to them.

Becoming a Pediatrician Professional

Pediatrician job requirements include a variety of general and specialized qualities, as well as specific training and certification. Apart from graduating from Med school and finishing the residency period, a pediatrician job description requires having a set of mandatory personal skills.

Qualifications and Training

If you are wondering what is the job description of a pediatrician, you should keep in mind that a pediatrician has to deal with many unexpected situations. since they work with very young patients who often can’t express their suffering properly. This is why a pediatrician must understand the specifics of children psychology and know how to get the needed information from uncooperative, shy or scared children.

Being a pediatrician requires specific qualifications and a long period of training. All these help the future pediatrician become apt to assess and treat children. Formal education is necessary, as well as experience in the field and periodic verifications performed to ensure that every pediatrician offers quality services.

  • College degree
  • Med School degree
  • Residency
  • Certification from the American Board of Pediatricians

Of course, these multiple degrees and accreditations can be improved upon by taking part in conferences and specialized events. And also by working in top quality facilities dedicated to treating children who suffer from various injuries or diseases.

Work Experience

To become a pediatrician, you have to finish four years of college, then the first stage of Med school (four years), and finally 3 to 8 years of residency. Apart from this, the pediatrician education and pediatrician training require a certification from the American Board of Pediatricians.

To become a pediatrician, you have to work hard for a relatively long period of time. Therefore, those considering to pursue this career should bear in mind that passion and hard work are necessary ingredients for a successful profession.

Working Hours

As is the case with medical professions the working hours for a pediatrician can get hectic and their shifts often cover weekends and holidays. Pediatricians are responsible for the lives of babies, children, and adolescents, and they often have to sacrifice the comfort of a regular schedule in order to help and assist their patients.

Pediatrician job descriptions rarely cover the amounts of passion and determination that anyone who wishes to pursue this career needs to possess. The working conditions of a pediatrician is also an important aspect that needs to be taken into account. Pediatricians are often exposed to diseases, also, they must behave professionally and be punctual.

Job Outlook & Advancement Opportunities

A pediatrician earns as much as $183,180 per year, with an hourly average of $88. According to the BLS data from 2015, the biggest number of pediatrician per state are active in California, New York, and Texas, while the states where pediatricians are paid the most are:

State Employment Hourly mean Annual mean wage
Mississippi 120 $127.90 $266,040
Utah 220 $113.76 $236,630
Montana  90 $113.19  $235,440

A career as a pediatrician involves a lot of work, but also a lot of personal growth and professional development. A pediatric center also hires nurses, so if you are interested you can also read about the registered nurse job description.

There are multiple types of pediatricians depending on their specialty; they can be general pediatricians, pediatric surgeons or primary care pediatricians. However, the focus of the pediatrician job description is being patient, gentle, professional and able to communicate efficiently with children and their parents.


Now that you know what are the general duties of being a pediatrician, you can make an informed decision about your career path. If this is the career you are dreaming of, nothing can stop you from pursuing it. Especially, the pediatrician job description includes a lot of interpersonal skills and a lot of patience. Therefore, if you think you have all the necessary skills, you can turn your lifelong dream of helping children into a reality by pursuing a career as a pediatrician.

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