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Welcome to the Job Descriptions WIKI privacy policy page!

Over at Job Descriptions WIKI, we take developing trust with our visitors very seriously and we’re all about user data security. According to the Data Protection Act of 1998, we are obliged to maintain full protection for both personal and non-personal data for our users. As such, the first step towards this is in our policy: we only function on a need-to-know principle, and thus we only ask info that absolutely necessary.

Everyone in our staff here at Job Descriptions WIKI (be they writers, editors, or otherwise) is fully dedicated to respecting and protecting each user of this website. The most important thing pertaining to this is the protection of their personal information. The moment a user lends us personal information we fully comprehend that it is an act of trust and we will strive to hold fast to such trust. We begin this by taking every protection measure for the users’ accounts to be safely secured. For this, we need a Privacy Policy which will explain to users how their information is stored on our servers and how these servers are protected. For any questions, don’t hesitate to give us word at

1. What Personal Information We Collect

When a user applies to make an account with, wants to post a comment on one of our articles, subscribes to the newsletter, or contacts us online, we are  collecting information about that user, be it personal or not, and about the machine they are using. For accounts and comments, we require just the name and the email address of users. These are important to us since without them we couldn’t answer all of your questions.

No matter what information you provide, though, we will never use it for advertising purposes unless otherwise stated. We will always ask for our users’ permission before doing so.

Apart from what we’ve already mentioned, user information is usually used for the following:

  • Optimizing user experience on through the careful analysis of the information gathered by us or by our cookies.
  • Giving our users updates fashioned to their specific needs according to feedback and analytics.
  • The ability to directly respond and engage with our readers about our articles and jobs featured.
  • Offering users updates about our recent posts and our reviews

2. IP, Browser Information, and Cookies

For every computer that accesses our home page at, as well as other pages connected to it, we will gather info about the browser, the user, as well as their internet protocol address (IP). However, you should not be skeptical to this as all the data gathered will be stored only on your computer in specific files named cookies. Cookies are the online trails that you leave with most all the websites you visit. These files allow the respective websites to recognize you each time you visit. That’s what we also use this information for. By the intelligent use of cookies, understands when you are online and fashions the specifics of this website to feature your username and your linked information such as comments. Throughout this process, we are not collecting any sort of personal information, just information about your specific computer. If you would like to alter the way in which cookies work with your browser, you can do that by accessing the browser’s settings.

3. External Links

All information featured here is only applicable to and to its subpage. This includes our Disclaimer and our Terms and Condition. Still, within our articles, we will often, if not always, feature external links to our sources. These links redirect the user to websites that are not under our control. We are not to be held liable for the misuse of such pages, for the information found there, nor for whatever personal data these may collect. We shall not be held accountable for any negative experience of the user or a third party on websites linked to our articles. We strongly encourage our users to read and to understand the policies presented before according these websites access to personal info.

4. Privacy Policy Changes

The present statements included in this privacy policy, which apply to and all pages within this domain, can change at any time. These changes can come whenever we see fit, and may be small or consistent. However, all of the changes that will be implemented will be available here along with a revision date. The biggest of changes will also be advertised on our homepage. It is not our intention to modify the current agreements and we will only do so if it is of paramount importance. For the time being, the privacy policy should stay the same. Furthermore, all legislature changes for the US will be duly noted and implemented without question.

We’re all about user privacy and as such all info you provide will be handled in accordance with the laws in place. We hold fast to these principles.

5. Inquiries

Any questions? Feel free to leave us a message at and we’ll be getting back to you as soon as possible. We suggest you continue to read ours Terms of Use, which also apply to this page.

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