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1. Introduction

The soliciting of the JobDescriptionsWIKI.com domain along with its subpages is subject to the current Terms of Use and to the rules stated on our Privacy Policy page. Through the use of this website, all users agree to comply with all laws, acts, ordinances, amendments, and rules, be they state, federal, or international laws. The appellative “you” will be used throughout these Terms to refer to the general user/reader of JobDescriptionsWIKI.com.

2. Terms

Our list of terms begins with the fact that users choosing to register with this domain must agree to provide their full name and email address, subsequently usable to grant said user commenting rights. Whatever information a user provides can and will be changed if and only if that user wants to. If you choose to give us these bits of information, you agree that we are entitled to use this information in accordance with the rules and regulations stated in our Privacy Policy. As per policy, you are also forbidden to gather other personal information about the visitors and commenters of this website. All readers who would like to register an account with us must be over the legal age of majority in their place of residence.

Legal abuses will not be tolerated, as well as abuses of our website. Those that enter our website agree to abide by any and all laws active in their respective place of residence.

Hacking JobDescriptionsWIKI.com is strictly prohibited – all illegal activities that would cause harm, disrupt our activities, damage, or interfere in a detrimental way with this page and its subpages, either through direct DDoS attacks or through hidden attacks, are completely forbidden. Any and all users that will tamper with our security in order to access personal information about our users will face justice in accordance with the laws applicable in their principal place of residence (PPoR).

Any damage to equipment for telecommunications, software, or hardware is also condemnable.

By making use of the website at JobDescriptionsWIKI.com, you are agreeing that you are only allowed to link to our website (either to the homepage or to individual articles) from your own blog or website when such a link does not constitute competition to our articles, is not injuring our reputation, and is not causing damage through malicious content, destructive criticism, and hate-speech, and isn’t injuring us, the staff of Jobs Descriptions WIKI, our writers, and our users. On this website, all laws about intellectual property apply. Links found sending to JobDescriptionsWIKI.com does not mean that we are endorsing the page. Moreover, for some articles we choose to prohibit linking and quoting for the precise reason of preserving copyright and making sure our work is appreciated. You are also banned from referring to this website as an affiliate when no such business deal is in place. The data that you obtain from this website is your responsibility. Likewise is downloading such data and any subsequent damages to you or to a third party.

The users of JobDescriptionsWIKI.com are strictly  forbidden to alter, copy, sell, distribute, publish, create other articles based on, display in public, exploit, reproduce, or collect information, statistics, or any form of content from this domain for commercial interests and monetary gain. Being a professional team, we completely understand and respect copyright laws – any actions that constitute an infringement of copyrights will be acted against. Through these actions, we understand any that are considered as such under current laws. Violating others’ intellectual property, content, website articles will be punished in accordance with these laws.

Even though we do allow content from this website to be featured in personal papers, academic, or research papers (upon request), we do not grant any usage rights as well as the right to earn money off of our content. Harassing users and staff of this website is strictly forbidden.

As per these terms and conditions, you agree that you are to notify our team at JobDescriptionsWiki.com of any such abuse. This action further endows the responsibility to cooperate with our support team. This cooperation is to provide us with the necessary info to take action. If you do not cooperate with the support team, we will consider it a breach of the Terms of Use.

3. Conditions

Our team here at JobDescriptionsWIKI.com holds exclusive rights over these terms and may change them from time to time. Any and all changes shall be accompanied by a date change and a changelog which will notify every user of all the important modifications that are to take effect on this website. All upgraded versions of these terms and conditions supersede existent ones. By continuing to make use of SalariesWIKI.com, you agree that you have read and understood the statements here.

We hereby also reserve the exclusive rights to the content on this website, including the right to remove content, parts of the content, or whatever else present on this website, permanently or temporarily, for any reasons, without any prior warning. We shall not be held liable for any damage to you or to any third parties on account of this or if we decide to suspend or terminate the website. Furthermore, we are not liable to you or to anyone for the deletion of user related content.

At Job Descriptions WIKI, we are not responsible for the comments posted by users. While we do verify most of the comments, we cannot encourage, agree with, endorse, or pretend to promote our users’ opinions. All comments shall be the sole responsibility of the person posting them.

Because we put great value on the privacy of our visitors, we will treat any and all submissions to JobDescriptionsWIKI.com as being confidential and no personal data may be requested by anyone. If such data is requested, we will only provide it under to rules set by the 2001 Patriot Act. We are furthermore not required to provide neither compensation nor consideration to user submissions and we shall not be held liable for works, derivative materials, adaptations, reproductions, displays, any publications, licensing, or exploitations of any ideas, content submissions, disclosure, translation, distribution, modification, compilation, copying, sale, recompilation, archiving, and tangible or intangible subjects that are similar or otherwise use any submission in its entirety or fragments of it.

We hereby also hold exclusive privileges to refuse, terminate, or merely suspend a user account or the respective IP’s access to our website. This is true at any moment, for any reason, or whenever or management thinks it necessary. We are permitted to change any limits, practices, or terms on this site.

As the only owners of the JobDescriptions.com website, we hold for ourselves the permission to send communications to registered accounts, to make announcements, to schedule newsletters and to send them, and to inform our readers of whatever we consider helpful or relevant to their interests.

Throughout our articles, we also reserve the right to feature external links wherever we deem appropriate either inside the article or at the end. These links will always lead to our sources or other websites on the subject. This does not imply any business deal or partnership. We will not favor any sources over others on account of such an affiliation. We do not have any form of control over the articles we are linking to and should not be expected to warrant its accuracy or availability. Thus, what content is found on these websites cannot be held against us and we are not responsible for it. Job Descriptions WIKI also cannot account for any damage as a result of our users’ trust of these resources if they turn out to be false, imprecise, or if the website that holds this information goes offline, takes the information offline, or ceases to be available in any way. This applies to any and all types of content accessible through a link from JobDescriptionsWIKI.com.

Our website is given to our readers on an “as-is” and “as-available” basis. We always check our sources twice and make the effort to document the articles we post. Still, you shouldn’t take every word we say as being true. The responsibility to recheck this information is yours in the full, as well as to make sure it’s complete, accurate, timeless, and useful to your particular case. You have a full responsibility if you choose to rely on the info here. We will not be held liable for any loss or damage to you or to a third party. This list of terms and the disclaimer associated with it is how we choose to renounce all warranties and conditions, no matter whether they are implied, statutory, or express. Through this, we refer specifically to the implied merchantability warranties as well as any others. We cannot guarantee that the website will function at all times, its reliability, or performance. Whatever services or goods accessed through it are the producer’s responsibility.

4. Intellectual Property Statement and Proprietary Rights

By choosing to utilize our website, you understand that all of the writings posted here and all derivative works, proprietary and confidential info, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, patents, and any other intellectual properties that may apply here, on our affiliate’s websites, and on the pages of others are all protected by all copyright laws that are in effect. We thus prohibit any mention of this page, JobDescriptionsWiki.com, the articles, the writers, and the users affiliated with it, excluding from this the cases in which this is expressly permitted by the Terms of Use that apply. As per these conditions, you are permitted to utilize our content for personal, research, or academic purposes. This express permission does not give you the right over the content we post here, nor the right to monetize it. All rights, except where duly noted over the course of the present terms and conditions, privacy policy, and disclaimer, are otherwise reserved.

Everyone here at Job Descriptions WIKI respects the intellectual property of others and thus asks its users to do the same. We will prohibit articles and materials that infringe upon, harm, or offend the rights of others. If this is the case for you, we are committed to removing the respective article. If you would like to signal such an issue, leave us a message at info@jobdescriptionswiki.com. We are determined to get to the bottom of every such claim.

5. Credits

Job Descriptions WIKI may feature promotional programs and may offer credits to programs pertaining to our affiliates in the job sector. For some of these promotions, users may be required to make a purchase.

That being said, users of this website are strictly prohibited from promoting their own companies and their campaigns on our website, even if they contain the necessary disclaimers and trademarks. This also applies to brand marketing, commercial messages, and ads (which shall be considered spam).

Is this information insufficient? Let us know about it! Go to our privacy policy and read through it. If you still have questions, email us at info@jobdescriptionswiki.com.

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