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Custodian Job Description Qualifications, and Career Outlook

The custodian job description includes a variety of daily tasks related to maintenance and cleaning duties with the purpose of ensuring that building, facilities and public spaces stay healthy and sanitary. Custodial duties include cleaning and caring for facilities and reporting to a Senior Administrative officer on a regular basis.

There are no mandatory studies required in the custodian job description. However, most employers prefer a high school diploma in order to hire someone for this position. Duties and requirements vary for school custodian job description and church custodian job description, to name just two areas of activity.

Job Overview: What Does a Custodian Professional Do?

A custodian needs to perform a number of maintenance duties, such as cleaning, dusting, mopping the floors, vacuuming the carpets and taking out the trash. They are expected to perform various other tasks if necessary, such as repairing broken installations, changing light bulbs and attending to the recycling process.

Custodians are sometimes considered to be handymen as well, so you should be capable of performing minor tasks like fixing broken doors or pieces of furniture if need be. A beginner custodian will work under the supervision of a head custodian, job description being more complex for the coordinator of the operation.

Custodian job description

Custodian Job Duties

  • Reporting to the Custodian Supervisor and performing the assigned duties.
  • Clean, sanitize and maintain bathrooms using specific procedures and products.
  • Dust, wax, and wipe furniture.
  • Vacuum and mop floors and carpets.
  • Empty and wash garbage bins and deal with recycling procedures when necessary.
  • Offer help when setting facilities for meetings, events or classrooms.
  • Properly use and maintain power equipment and tools in order to maintain safety.
  • Secure buildings and doors when they are not in use.
  • Follow instructions in regards to chemical use and safety hazards in the workplace.

Custodian Job Essential Skills

Organizational skills. The custodian has to be capable of organizing his activities properly and fulfilling them in a timely manner. He has to possess the capability to manage and attend to emergencies if need be.

Physical strength. Physical capacity to perform difficult tasks such as moving, carrying and storing heavy items is also required. Also, the custodian job is physically demanding since he needs to clean, dust, and wipe rooms and large furniture, as well as floors and carpets; wash walls and equipment with the help of ladders when needed.

Communication skills. The ability to follow directions is very important for this professional. He has to be able to comprehend what is requested of him and if the need arises to collaborate either with colleagues or the lead custodian, he has to be able to do so.

Detail-oriented. Attention to details is very important in this line of business in order for the custodian to fulfill his duties properly. He must pay attention to always clean and wash accordingly and follow instructions regarding the use of chemicals and supplies. The custodian has to make sure he covered all the necessary activities for the day.

Responsibility. A custodian has to be a reliable individual. He needs to possess a good memory and the ability to perform tasks dutifully. Also, he needs to have a high responsibility towards his daily demands.

Becoming a Custodian Professional

To get a job as a custodian, you don’t need to provide any college diploma. But you have to be able to fulfill the requirements included in the job description for custodian workers. You should have basic knowledge of using and maintaining cleaning equipment, as well as various other tools you might need use occasionally.

Qualifications and Training

There are no specific educational requirements for landing a job as a custodian. Often custodians have to go through an apprenticeship period where they train with more experienced custodians until they learn the necessary operations. After this period, they can start working on their own and periodically report to their supervisor.

The training for custodians may include learning the theoretical and practical information in regards to chemicals, techniques and safety regulations. They also must understand simple repair techniques and be able to perform them if necessary.

Custodians must periodically attend safety meetings and in some cases, they might have to take classes related to cleaning methods, specific products, CPR and First Aid.

Work Experience

After attending the specific training, even an inexperienced custodian can easily get a job under the supervision of a lead or coordinator. Although not a difficult job to obtain, the custodian position is not as well paid as other maintenance related jobs.

However, after working for a few years and gaining experience in the field, there will be an increase in salary and specific benefits. As mentioned above, custodian job duties remain approximatively the same over the years. So, the custodian rarely needs to attend to new tasks.

Working Hours

Custodians can work full-time or part-time according to the specific of the institutions they care for. It is worth noting that benefits are only included in the job description of custodian workers with a full-time schedule.

Normally the working hours should be the regular 9 to 5, with legally solicited overtime when necessary. All custodians should be provided with health insurance and the other legally required benefits, as they may face health hazards at work.

 Job Outlook & Advancement Opportunities

The career prospects for an entry level custodian are eventually managing a team and becoming a lead custodian. This promotion is possible after you gain experience and prove to be reliable, responsible and diligent in fulfilling your tasks.

According to PayScale, a custodian earns approximatively $11 per hour, which means an annual median salary of $27,272. The salary can grow if there are bonuses included or if an experienced custodian is employed. Custodian job descriptions usually mention an increase in salary for people who work overtime or have acquired years of experience in the field.

The promotion to lead custodian includes more responsibilities, higher pay, and further specific training in team leading and management.


The custodian job description includes specific requirements for anyone who wishes to work in this field. If you think you have the necessary abilities and skills, this job can be a rewarding profession for you and a great start for personal evolution and growth. If you want to get more information about the hospitality domain, you can also check out the housekeeping job description.

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