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Stocker Job Description, Qualifications and Outlook

The stocker job description mostly involves organizing, stocking, and restocking shelves with goods. Almost three-quarters of all stockers were reported to be men in 2015. Most people in the occupation report moderate to high satisfaction levels when it comes to their jobs.

Depending on the stocker job description, somebody in the profession can end up with any of a number of tasks. Most of these involve physical work, such as lifting and carrying. An organized personality is often mandatory for the position.

Job Overview: What Does a Stocker Professional Do?

The stocker job description can take many forms. From the common grocery stocker job description to the less prevalent overnight shelf stocker job description, this job might have the same responsibilities. However, some of these may vary from one workplace to another.

Read further where you will find a list of duties which stockers run into the most often. You won’t find them all in the same workplace, but most of them are part of the stocker job description. Also, most positions usually include managing display areas and space, as well as organizing products.


stocker job description

Stocker Job Duties

  • Accepting delivered packages and unpacking items from boxes.
  • Ensuring that the proper number or amount of items is in each package.
  • Unloading merchandise and stocking shelves with items.
  • Marking items with individual ID codes (prices, stock numbers, bar codes, inventory control codes, etc.).
  • Making sure that each label is visible and legible.
  • Completing mail, phone, and internet orders and ensuring that customers receive their orders.
  • Keeping records of sales and computing merchandise prices, also replacing missing and damaged products.
  • Getting merchandise ready for shipping and replenishing store inventory, also determining the origin of inventory issues.
  • Lifting and placing merchandise, also making sure that shelf products are facing the right way.
  • Organizing advertising campaigns inside the store and helping customers with merchandise questions.
  • Attracting customers to different aisles and helping customers fill orders.
  • Sorting products and placing excess products in storage rooms.
  • Making sure that no expired or damaged items are on the shelf.
  • Ensuring that baskets and shopping carts are working fine.
  • Reporting damages to carts, shelves, baskets, and other store property.
  • Helping customers carry their bags to their cars.
  • Collaborating with suppliers, shippers, and vendors.
  • Performing routine warehouse and shelf maintenance checks.
  • Carrying out the occasional repairs, also dusting and cleaning shelves.

Stocker Job Essential Skills

Organizational skills. Stockers need to have great organizational skills in order to efficiently arrange merchandise and coordinate their daily activities. They need to be able to work both independently and under supervision, and to follow instructions and take directions without comment. Also, it is important to have self-motivation as a skill set.

Interpersonal skills. Strong interpersonal skills are essential for stockers as while they work with people and need to be able to cater to the customers’ needs properly, they also need to maintain a good working relationship with colleagues and superiors alike.

Computer skills. Being able to work on the computer in a fast manner is also highly important. Also, knowing basic mathematics is vital. Very important is to have attention to details and be able to quickly learn a place’s schematics.

Physical strength. It is essential for a stocker to have enough physical strength to raise and carry around 40 pounds at a time. Also, it is important to be a very hard worker, and have the ability to stand up for many hours since he can have shifts during the night or during the day or both. The stocker must be willing and able to climb ladders, stoop, bend, and perform physical labor all day long. Moreover, it is necessary for this professional to not be afraid of heights.

Becoming a Stocker Professional

Following store procedures and guidelines, keeping workspaces clean, categorizing and storing goods also pertain to the stocker job description. The job description of a stocker can often be divided among different employees. Some employers prefer to have different employees for different stocker jobs.

According to, the average stocker earns anywhere between $7.86 and $13.88 per hour. The pay depends on several factors, such as the employer, the experience of each employee, and the job description. For example, the retail stocker job description will be paid differently than the warehouse stocker job description.

Qualifications and Training

The most common requirement for getting the stocker job is to be at least eighteen years old. Having a high school diploma or an equivalent is also one of the most common requirements. While not mandatory, skills like word processing, bookkeeping, and taking computer courses can help one’s chances of getting hired.

Most employers do provide some degree of on-the-job training, particularly when it comes to inventories. Employer-dependent policies and regulations are often taught by company representatives. Stocking duties, meanwhile, are usually explained by older employees, as is the layout of the workplace.

Work Experience

While work experience is often preferred by employers, it’s not always mandatory. Of course, most employers want their future stockers to know some things before they start working. Working the warehouse or shelves, performing inventory, and occasionally filling in for a cashier go much smoother with some experience.

The salary for someone with the stocker job description can grow by as much as $10,000 over the course of a career longer than twenty years. Whether working for a department store, grocery store, or some other locale, stockers stand to benefit from experience.

Working Hours

Stockers have a flexible scheduled, be it working for a grocery store, department store, Walmart, or some other locale. They work shifts during the night or during the day. Sometimes with the option of having schedule choices, though sometimes they might need to stay overtime or come in for extra hours.

Job Outlook & Advancement Opportunities

Speaking of job opportunities, large department stores can lead to plenty of prospects. Other than a huge number of management position openings, there are also supervisor positions to be earned. From shift supervisor to inventory manager, and eventually general manager, stockers can move up in the company.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of employment for the profession will go up 5% by 2024. That is slower than the national 8% average for all occupations. However, due to the increased rate of quitting caused by overexertion and work-related injuries, there are plenty of job openings.


The stocker job description may come with a salary below the minimum wage, but it’s still quite stress-free. Since most workers have flexible schedules and work unsupervised, they are happy with their positions. Most stockers work in warehouses, grocery stores, or huge department stores. The ability to perform physical labor for extended periods of time is a must-have for the position.

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